Online platform that allows companies to discover technical talent through personalised challenges. It's a two-sided marketplace that caters to both users (candidates) and clients (companies). 


  • Every job on the platform has a unique problem that candidates have to solve in order to apply

  • Currently the website is designed for users with only a page dedicated to clients
  • Build a mini-site that encourages companies to sign-up and start posting jobs


Stakeholder interviews, user interviews, competitive analysis, paper protyping, Sketch, persona creation, usability testing, pen & paper

The Solution

  • A home page that clearly offers the benefits of Hackajob to the companies
  • A free trial service included on the basis of user testing. It allows companies to try Hackajob by posting a position. The users can then respond to it by taking the test challenge, but the information on users is unlocked only after the company makes a payment


Completed the project in a single day, as part of a hackathon. Delivered final mockup, wireframe and paper prototype along with all the research. The project was very well received by the client.

Mock up

Mock up


Started the project with a stakeholder interview to understand the company's unique selling points, goals, needs and aspirations. Understood their target audience and analysed the market space to discover competitiors.

Feature analysis and Personas

With all this research, the next step was to prioritise the features using a MoSCoW method. Created a persona based on the research to keep the goals, behaviours and pain-points of users in mind. 

Key Findings

  • Free Trial to be included to encourage sign-ups
  • Include wizard feature for companies to easily search talent 
  • Paywall UI to make a clear call to sign-up
  • Benefits on homepage in a short scroll
  • Homepage to include testimonials


A design studio with the client was done to understand how they visualised the features and what elements would best achieve their goals. This led to development of a process flow. 

With these findings a paper prototype was made and tested. 

Usability Test Findings

  • Wizard to appear after a person has absorbed the information and is ready to take the next step 
  • To offer all the information in a short scroll 

Incorporating this feedback, in our next iteration we moved on to make wireframes and hi-fidelity mock-ups


  1. A homepage that offers information in steps, so it may be consumed easily
  2. Call to action button at the top to encourage companies to start using the service
  3. A free trial that further encourages them to understand the offering and compels them to take it up
  4.  Wizard feature that helps them find talent immediately
  5. Leaderboard that gives them a sneak preview of the information available to them once they've chosen a payment plan

The project was very well received by the client. The feedback included that these propositions could be immediately implemented and tested.


  • To allow sharing of data available through website so more than one person from the company can view it
  • Inclusion of a ticker on the webpage to give live updates to companies on - number of other companies hiring at that minute, community events, most outstanding talent pool etc.