Collaborative platform bringing together property owners, renters and contractors. 

The Brief

Identify and design two premium (paid) features

  • Level 1  App-based purchases, unlocking additional features and functionality for the user
  • Level 2 Human involvement with personal interaction directly with search agents

MEthodology & TOOLS

User surveys, interviews, task analysis, design studio, persona creation, wireframing, paper prototyping, user testing, visual design (using Sketch), white-boarding, pen & paper.

The Solution

  • Discovered remote viewing of properties as the most popular feature
  • Developed two paid services related to it
  • Explored the scope of monetising these features along with the free service


  • Identified a number of potential features for the business and prioritised them based on the business goals and customer needs

  • Project was so well received by the client that they offered to work with them on version 2 of the App

Discovery & Research

Started the research by understanding the competition. 

Discovered Movebubble's unique position based on this research.

  • Conducted stakeholder interviews with the product manager and head of design to understand the business goals and  aspirations
  • Interviewed 15 people who have moved within or to London recently
  • Posted a survey across various social media platforms along with Movebubble’s current network and received 80 responses


  • motivations to move -  42% End of contract /  29% Move in with partner / 36% Relocation
  • painful aspects of property search - 66% Arranging viewings  /  33% Getting to viewings  /  47% Communication with landlord or agent
  • troubling points of negotiation - 34% Deposit  /  36% Rent  /  41% Contract terms
  • moving problems - Packing  /  Removals  /  Updating utility bills

Personal Interviews also helped to understand the process people follow to rent a new place. User's experience was mapped by analysing their tasks at different stages of the process. 


Based on all the research, two primary personas were created.

Feature Analysis

Understanding of the process that people follow and their pain-points led to the identification of many features. Card sorting was conducted with 10 users to understand which  features were a priority for them & to gauge their propensity to pay.


The most important features - 

  1. Remote viewing via video
  2. Credit-based in-app purchases
  3. Search agent views property for you
  4. 2-tiered service or subscription
  5. One-click application in which all the paper-work and advance etc. gets done with just a click from within the app

Design Studio

Even though a short list was achieved, given the time-frame of two weeks for the whole project, there was a need to further narrow down and discover the top priority features for both the users and the business. The design studio exercise conducted with users and stakeholders helped to achieve that. 

Quotes from Design Studio


It revealed that two most important features are

  1. Remote viewing in which a person sitting at a remote location can view the property
  2. One-click application in which all the paper-work and advance etc gets done with just a click from within the app

This was followed by paper prototyping. Many rounds of user testing revealed the popularity of the remote viewing function. Stakeholder discussion revealed that since one-click application is further down in the business plan for Movebubble, subsequent iterations could focus completely on the remote viewing feature. This informed our prototype.

FUrther Iterations

User testing also revealed that while viewing videos, users felt the need to be informed about details of the property. 

Users weren't getting enough information on the services available through different plans. Therefore they weren't encouraged to make payment. Further details were added to help them make an informed choice.


  • Introduced two paywalls for remote viewing feature to test people’s propensity to pay.  The first allows the user to request an assistant to film the property for them and send the video to them along with answers to their questions in a text format. The second allows the user to book a viewing assistant to pick them up, take them to the viewing, assist in asking the right questions and then drop them back
  • Wanted to build trust in our users from the start. Property is such an emotive subject that we saw the chance to develop the brief further by taking the information that Movebubble already receives from users and using it to match premium customers with a viewing assistant who best reflects their age, location and social preferences
  • Design solution offers a paywall which is aesthetically in keeping with the existing app. The interface behaves in a way that is familiar to users of the existing free service - property cards feature

Next Steps

  • By sending someone to make bespoke videos of properties, Movebubble is creating an asset that can be sold from the app
  • As research shows large part of rental market consists of people moving to the UK from abroad, so there’s scope to produce a package feature that’s dedicated to this target market. This would help push the Movebubble brand to other countries as well
  • One-click application was popular in research. It was also popular during testing and can be explored in detail for the future. This will also help differentiate the business and add a unique selling point
  • Collaborating with other businesses like digital service providers, packing and removal companies. This would help Movebubble to own the third space in the moving process ie. after keys have been handed over